NEWS / 30-05-24

Toihan expands its operations to support anaerobic process control


Toihan Oy integrates the monitoring and management of anaerobic reactors into its cloud-based PAULA-WWTP control support system.

The implementation will be carried out in phases in collaboration with the forest industry. In the first phase, process modeling will be tested at Nordic production facilities that use anaerobic pretreatment as part of their wastewater treatment process. In the next phase, the developed interface will be integrated into Toihan Cloud, becoming part of the control room view provided to plant operators.

This international project paves the way for the rapid adoption of results and strengthens Toihan's position as a leading expert in the development of wastewater treatment process control.

For more information about the project schedule and implementation, please contact:

Heikki Hannukainen
CEO, Toihan Oy
+358 41 506 9784

Press Release
For immediate release: 30/5/2024