Toihan is an industry leading expert organization specialized in pulp and paper mill wastewaters and their treatment. We produce mill-specific diagnostics services and use cloud-based technologies to improve wastewater treatment process performance. Our experts have delivered assistance for over 40 pulp and paper mills globally.


Get familiar with our concept

Our core mission is to enhance process control with modern cloud-based information technologies. We deliver our mission with a concept called Minimum Effluent Strategy.

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Add intelligence to wastewater treatment process control

PAULA-WWTP® utilizes modern cloud-based data architecture and intelligent algorithms to convert raw process data into meaningful insights. This helps mills to improve accuracy and timing of process adjustments.

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Support services

Benchmarking, research and cloud integrations

Our wastewater treatment experts help pulp and paper mills in achieving their goals set for final effluent quality. Technical assistance is provided to ensure smooth integrations between mill databases and Toihan Cloud.

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