Toihan and MM Kotkamills optimize wastewater treatment process performance

MM Kotkamills and Toihan have built a collaborative control system for optimizing wastewater treatment process performance. The main objective is to empower mill users with the benefits of predictive and prescriptive data analytics, which help improving accuracy and timing for process adjustments. The collaboration started in 2018 after Toihan had introduced PAULA-WWTP® to pulp and paper industry.

 “Sustainability is an integral part of MM Kotkamills’ operations and is at the core of our strategy. In recent years our philosophy regarding wastewater treatment process operation has become much more proactive. Co-operation with Toihan's knowledge and simulation model has made it possible to detect changes and variations affecting to stability and performance of WWTP beforehand. Based on the data we are able to take correct measures on time to ensure best operational performance in future.” comments MM Kotkamills environmental manager Jani Heiskanen.

In the core of collaborative control system is a cloud-based operation center, which is connected to mill database with SFTP connection. Smart cloud technologies are also utilized to improve data availability with industry leading advisory application, PAULA-WWTP®, which converts raw data into optimal process adjustment recommendations. As Toihan experts monitor and troubleshoot process performance continuously, mill users can make better and faster decisions to ensure efficient wastewater treatment.

“I’m personally very delighted for the possibility to get help and ideas from Toihan experts if we are running towards upsets in our treatment process. Since we started to collaborate with Toihan, our process control has improved significantly. As our process is more stable, our operational costs can be more optimized and that leads to cost savings for treatment process. We have noticed that when enough data is available, cloud-based process control is very accurate and useful tool regarding wastewater treatment process control and predicting starting upsets in process. We at MM Kotkamills wastewater treatment plant are very excited about future co-operation with Toihan.” Explains MM Kotkamills wastewater department supervisor Juha Selinkoski.

The collaboration with MM Kotkamills strengthens Toihan position in Finland as a leading strategic partner in wastewater treatment process control.