Process performance validation

Process performance validation consists of a set of on-site measurements that reveal aeration basin dynamics and possible growth limiting factors in activated slduge process. Typical problems in a plug flow activated sludge process are related with organic material sorption to biomass, lack of oxygen and uncontrolled addition of nutrients. Process performance validation gives immediate feedback on process conditions and suggestions for corrective actions.

Effluent characterization

Each mill has its individual effluent characteristics. Organic load to wastewater treatment plant vary according to used raw materials, pulping or paper making processes and used process chemicals. Toihan uses a field-tested COD characterization method to determine organic load origins and its behavior during wastewater treatment process based on molecular size, precipitability and biodegradability properties.

Nutrient balancing

Lack of nutrients is a common cause for poor-settling sludge. Nutrients balancing assists mill operators to adjust nutrient dosing accordingly. Typically, a follow-up period is organized to ensure controlled and effective nutrient dosing.

Process simulations

Effects of different process variables on wastewater treament process can be evaluated with mill-specific process simulations. A mathematical model utilized in simulation is built based on on-site measurements and process history data. Simulation is a good way to evaluate wastewater treatment plant's operational limits when the production is upgraded or if there are other  changes that affect wastewater treatment process performance.

Activated sludge process start-up support

Activated sludge process start-up is a crucial stage due to the need to get well-settling biosludge growing in activated sludge process. With our advanced process modelling tools the correct process adjustments can be found quickly based on influent characteristics.

Laboratory and pilot-scale trials

We provide laboratory and pilot-scale studies for development projects. Our experienced team is responsible for planning, executing and reporting to deliver fast results to customers needs.